Keep it together Australia.

Grok Ventures* believes that keeping AGL together is in the best interests of shareholders, employees, customers, Australian taxpayers and the planet.

On 30 May 2022, the AGL Board announced that it had abandoned its plans to demerge the company. This was the result of institutional and retail shareholders sending the resounding message that AGL needs to remain together to take advantage of the decarbonisation opportunity and put the company back at the forefront of energy generation and retailing in Australia.

Keep it together Australia.

Stopping the AGL demerger was an important first step.

Now we must work together to build a brighter future. A future that is aligned with the Paris Agreement and takes advantage of the renewable energy opportunity. A future built on cheap, clean and reliable energy. A future that creates stronger shareholder value while accelerating the transition to net zero.

Let’s embrace the decarbonisation opportunity with Aussie courage and creativity.

Keep it together, Australia.

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